Ultracapacitor uninterruptible

Power supply (U-UPS)

Ultracapacitor U-UPS

The ultra-capacitor uninterruptible power supply system (U-UPS) provides uninterruptible emergency power supply through ultra-fast detection of mains faults, making it particularly suitable for industrial plants with critical production processes. The ultracapacitor UPS system provides up to 30 sec. of power. active power and thus ensures the transitional supply until the emergency generators are synchronized. This makes it possible to replace lead-acid batteries, which are characterized by high maintenance requirements and limited service life.

Your advantages at a glance
Maximum production time – by eliminating 100% production downtime due to
Micro-interruptions and voltage dips, etc.; maintenance-free energy storage; economical solution especially for
Applications from 1 – 10 sec. for the energy supply
High flexibility – offers scalable, high-quality power from 350 kW up to 5 MW; optional integration of
additional battery storage system in the future
Guaranteed security of a high-quality and reliable energy supply
Cost-saving solution compared to online UPS systems – minimal efficiency losses in standby mode;
Minimal additional loads due to highly efficient liquid cooling; cost-efficient operation, service and maintenance -.
Ultra-fast response time – detects network events and takes over supply within 10 ms
High power density – offers fast charge and discharge times (high c rates); ultracaps offer high
Ultracaps offer high power density and long life cycles up to 1 million duty cycles
Space-saving – as a turnkey container solution
Use in all industries

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