Energy conversion systems –

Post EEG solutions

Energy conversion systems – Post EEG solutions

Energy conversion systems – Post EEG solutions

Value creation concepts for the economic continued operation of old wind turbines

In order to be able to continue operating old wind turbines economically after the expiry of EEG subsidies, alternative operating concepts must be considered. This is the only way to prevent dismantling if repowering is not possible. These value-added concepts rely on direct sales of green power, avoid overcapacity shutdowns, and are independent of negative electricity prices.

When the EEG subsidy expires after 20 years, many wind turbines will be threatened with dismantling. Although they are technically in order, their continued operation has been assessed and they could continue to run for another 10 years or more. By the end of 2025, a total of around 16,000 MW of wind power capacity will be phased out of subsidies. The current low prices on the electricity exchange make continued operation uneconomical.

New value creation concepts for continued operation

The new value-added concepts envisage the energy generated being fed directly into separate consumer networks.

Wind turbines are disconnected from the previous grid connection point

The generated energy is fed directly into separate consumer networks

Other energy sources such as photovoltaics or biogas can also be added

Accumulating heat can also be used

The energy sources are connected with energy storage devices

Reliable power supply in compliance with grid directives, even with highly fluctuating feeds

Operating models can be flexibly adapted to local conditions

Advantages through new value creation concepts

New value-added concepts through direct sales of green electricity

Green power is easier to sell than with PPA marketing agreements

No downtime due to overcapacity shutdowns

Energy production is independent of periods of negative electricity prices

Solutions for medium and large wind turbines and wind farms

FREQCON’s experience shows that the alternative operating models are suitable for both medium-sized and large WTs. At the same time, a wind farm should have a maximum of twice the power of the consumer, so that a large part of the wind energy generated can also be used. In general, the systems are suitable for outputs from 500 kW. It is advantageous if suitable consumers are located in the local vicinity.

Availability of technical systems

Frequency inverters from FREQCON in sizes of 500 kW, 1,000 kW and 2,000 kW for wind turbines up to the 2-digit MW range

Battery storage in module sizes 500kWh, 1,000kWh and 2,000 kWh

Energy management system monitors and optimizes generation and consumption

Connection of the plants up to 1MW to the consumers via the low-voltage grid

Connection of larger plants (or for distances up to 10 km) via medium-voltage grid

Use of components that have been tried and tested many times worldwide

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