Hybrid applications

Hybrid applications

In a hybrid system (based on the hybrid converter concept), two or more energy sources are combined for the generation of electricity or heat and for a continuous energy supply by means of a multi-source converter (MSC). Thus, in addition to a photovoltaic system, wind power or biogas plants, hydroelectric power plants or diesel generators are used as additional sources of electricity. Battery storage systems can also be integrated to ensure a continuous power supply and to avoid voltage dips. With an additional coupling of an electrolyzer, it is even possible to produce green hydrogen. A hybrid system can be grid-connected or operate in stand-alone mode.

  • Flexibility, efficiency and economy

  • Reliable power supply

How hybrid applications work

Thanks to the hybrid converter concept, several energy sources such as wind power, photovoltaic systems, fuel cells, generators as well as storage systems from lithium-ion, lead-acid or redox flow batteries can be connected to a common DC link of the Multi-Source Converter. Additional energy sources can be integrated at a later date with little effort. Due to the coupling via the DC link, the installation and investment costs are reduced, while at the same time the overall efficiency of the system is increased and better system integration is made possible.


FREQCON products for hybrid applications

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