Compensation of voltage dips

Compensation of short-term voltage dips

The most common disturbances in supply networks are short-term voltage dips. They can be caused by inrush currents from capacitors, motors or large transformers. However, most voltage dips are due to short circuits or ground faults in the grid, often many miles from where they occur. They usually last only a fraction of a second, but can lead to major problems. A voltage drop of 0.1 seconds, for example, has serious consequences for the manufacturing industry. The high degree of automation of individual processes and continuously running production lines requires an absolutely stable, trouble-free environment. This is the only way companies can ensure the highest product quality and a minimum of rejects. In the worst case, a malfunction lasting 100 ms will result in a production stoppage lasting hours. Systems for an uninterruptible power supply can be used to compensate for short-term voltage dips.

  • Smooth production and supply chains

  • Security of supply

  • Reduction of maintenance, material and personnel costs

This is how the compensation of short-term voltage dips works

The ultracapacitor-based UPS solution is specially designed to bridge short voltage dips of up to 10 seconds in low-voltage and medium-voltage networks. It reacts to occurring voltage dips or micro-interruptions and automatically takes over the load supply in less than 10 milliseconds. In this process, the power supply is disconnected from the public grid and a separate isolated grid is generated using the energy stored in the ultracapacitors. If the transmission grid provides the required voltage again, the system automatically synchronizes with the public grid within a few milliseconds and re-establishes the connection to it.

Our solutions

FREQCON products for compensation of short-term voltage dips

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