Control system

Control system

The flexible and robust wind turbine control system

The FREQCON control system for wind turbines is a flexible and robust control system for turbines from 100 kW to 6.0 MW+. It is based on the “Integrated Control Concept” principle, which describes the integration of all electrical components and monitoring systems (converter, pitch drive, azimuth drive, condition monitoring system, etc.) into a central control concept with one controller.

A uniform bus system and real-time communication based on the PROFINET protocol ensures optimized operation of the wind turbine and prevents interface problems.

The SCADA system provides a uniform and comprehensive data overview, and software updates of all components are also possible via the remote monitoring system.

The FREQCON control and regulation system is available for different climate zones (-40°c to +60°C). It has already been successfully used in over 12,000 wind turbines.

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