Arbitrage transactions

Arbitrage Transactions/Day Trading

The economic value of electrical energy depends on consumption and availability. On the power exchange, low prices are caused by supply surpluses from wind turbines, for example, while high prices are caused by bottlenecks – when power plants fail or less electrical energy is provided by renewable energy sources. Arbitrage in the electricity market, as in all other markets, is a way to make a profit. This involves storing electricity in a battery storage system when the price for it is low. If the price rises, the stored electricity from the storage system is fed into the grid.

  • Additional source of revenue

  • Increase in economic efficiency

Arbitrage deals as effective support for ROI

The energy transition brings many benefits. And: We are already in the middle of it. One of the undeniable disadvantages, however, is that it is quite expensive for many companies.

Arbitrage trades can ensure that the invested costs for sustainable energy solutions are more likely to be recouped and thus also enable a smart transition towards renewable energy sources.

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FREQCON products for arbitrage trades/day trading

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