Freqcon BESS Custom

Easily connect your own battery modules and cabinets to the Freqcon Multi-Source Converter. Freqcon’s flexible inverter allows you to connect different battery technologies to the same inverter, allowing you to control the entire storage system from a single power EMS.
You can now
– Integrate different battery technologies (LFP, NMC, NMH, Na-ion battery, etc.)
– Connect 2nd life batteries with different SOH (State of Health) values to the same inverter.
– Realize hybrid projects by combining photovoltaics, battery storage, electrolysers, and even high-power fast chargers for EVs in a single system
– Optimize your project individually and
– Achieve maximum yields through maximum utilization of the batteries without additional power converters
The possibilities are endless and Freqcon’s multi-source technology allows you to integrate your own batteries into a reliable power converter for different types of applications.

All advantages at a glance

  • Maximum flexibility

  • individual solution approaches and developments possible

  • Many years of experience

  • Worldwide application possibilities

  • Inverter designed for >180 000 operating hours

  • Compliance with all required grid connection conditions (grid codes)

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