Corporate policy

Corporate policy at FREQCON


FREQCON’s corporate policy reflects the company’s long-term orientation and mission statement.

The aspects of customer orientation, the quality of the products as well as the qualification and satisfaction of the employees, the long-term and cooperative relationship with suppliers and customers are at the core of the mission statement. These are also reflected in the specific corporate goals for the fiscal year, which are timed to coincide with the internal audits and management reviews conducted annually.

The corporate policy is made available to all employees at FREQCON in the form of the IMH and explained during training sessions. Similarly, the company’s policy is evaluated annually in the management review to ensure that it is up to date and realigned as necessary.

The company policy is composed of the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction is one of our top corporate principles. We want to be a preferred supplier for all customers; this goal applies to all internal and external customers.
  • The protection of the environment and the sustainability of our products and our actions are among the essential requirements of our interested parties (including customers), but also our internal goals.
  • We are committed to tailor-made implementation and compliance with customer requirements as well as legal standards and regulations as a binding obligation.
  • Our goal is faultless production; possible deviations from quality must not be passed on. Defects must be identified at the point of origin and handled appropriately. Identified sources of error must be eliminated. Error prevention has priority over error detection.
  • FREQCON’s high-quality products are realized through the efforts of our employees. The qualification and continuous training of our employees play an important role in this. We want to create an atmosphere that encourages good performance.
  • Agreed deadlines must be met; after weighing up all influencing factors, meeting deadlines takes precedence over cost considerations. The quality of our thoughts and actions must not suffer even under deadline pressure.
  • Every supplier relationship requires as a basis regular listening, consulting, support and a critical review of results.
  • Currently, most of our developments are very customer-specific and only reach market maturity through resale by large customers. The independent development of our own products to market maturity is therefore the long-term focus of growth, as is the creation of the corresponding production capacities and further resources.
  • This long-term focus on the growth of our company is also to be increased through the development of new regional markets.
  • Continuous improvement of our performance (CIP), internal and external comparisons give us starting points for improving our own performance. This affects quality, environmental performance, technology and service, as well as the productivity and cost-effectiveness of our performance processes.
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