Retrofit solutions for pitch backup systems

Retrofit solutions for pitch backup systems

FREQCON has been developing and producing pitch systems based on ultracapacitor technology since 1999.
Since 2013, we have placed our focus on pitch retrofit systems to ensure reliable control and both increase safety and save costs and time.

FREQCON is one of the leading manufacturers of frequency converters and also the original inventor and manufacturer of the pitch retrofit systems, which were distributed by Maxwell until 2019. It was not until the Tesla Group acquired Maxwell that FREQCON took over direct delivery of the systems to the market.

To date, more than 850 GE wind turbines and more than 60 Clipper wind turbines have been equipped with FREQCON pitch retrofit systems. We have not only invented the systems, but have gained important experience on the market. We also offer training by our certified personnel.

In our product range, you will always find the ideal solution for your operational requirements. We guarantee solid premium quality for:

  • Pitch Backup System (PBS) for GE equipment 20 Nm for 4 GE lead acid batteries
  • Pitch Backup System (PBS) for GE equipment 30 Nm for 6 GE lead acid batteries
  • Pitch Blade Set for 12 SSB Lead Acid Batteries
  • Pitch Backup System (PBS) for Clipper Plants
  • More upon request

Your advantages at a glance

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Improved security
  • Increased reliability
  • Our pitch backup systems have been implemented in more than 50,000 wind turbines
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