Our values

What are the values behind FREQCON

Freqcon’s founder and to this day owner and CEO was burning with the spirit of research and the thought of making the world a better place from an early age. His early participation in formats such as “Jugend forscht” (Youth Research) drove this project further. Out of this enthusiasm, his own company was founded, which now operates under the name Freqcon.

It is this innovative spirit of research that can still be felt in Freqcon’s premises today. The will to innovate combined with the drive to be able to map future-proof energy supply systems from renewable energies is still the driving idea behind the company today.

Our values

Innovative spirit

Making the world a little better every day. That is our goal and that is what drives us and our innovations every day.

Hands-on mentality

Rolling up our sleeves and reliably handling our projects with full power. This is how projects are implemented at our company.

Environmental awareness

Making the world greener is not a corporate philosophy. It’s a way of life. And we live it on all levels.


Did you know that the carbon footprint was actually created by a petroleum giant? We do not brand blame. We get down to the solutions.


No team, no work. Because only in a strong team, in which everyone pulls together, can all challenges be overcome.


Powering a village in Alaska? Home Office in Pakistan? Commissioning in the glow of the northern lights? Innovation projects off the coasts of Malaysia? Borders usually exist only in people’s minds. We are at home in Rethem, but at home in the world.


Children are the greatest gift. That’s why we offer family-friendly solutions such as home office, flexible working hours, etc. wherever possible.


Professional self-actualization is important to be truly happy professionally. That’s why you can work independently and contribute a lot of yourself.

Work-life balance

Yes, even we have our stressful times. But: It is always important to us that our employees have a healthy work-life balance. This is what we value.

“People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the thing catches on.”Mark Twain

Our commitment to a better world only succeeds thanks to our innovation heroes. That’s why a passion for innovation and motivation for a safer, greener tomorrow are our highest assets.

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