Fast Charging Station E-Mobility (Fast Charging Station FCS) Freqcon

Electromobility is the key to greater sustainability. The days of the combustion engine are numbered and the number of electric cars is steadily increasing.
To enable the smooth integration of e-vehicles, a well-developed and efficient charging infrastructure is required. The high-power fast chargers for e-cars place an undesirable load on the power grid due to unpredictable load development. Operators must ensure a large grid connection to provide high power to customers during peak hours. Consequently, the grid connection is hardly used during off-peak hours, which makes the business model for fast chargers unattractive.
The Freqcon FCS fast charging station solves these problems by integrating reliable LFP battery storage into a container solution. We offer an ultra-fast, compact and powerful charging station with the proven and reliable technology of the Freqcon Multi-Source Converter (MSC) at its heart
Operators can now use a small grid connection to have a predictable load during off-peak hours and offer customers the full power of fast charging through secure LFP battery storage. Maximize return on investment by installing fast-charging stations on highways, shopping centers, in urban communities, etc.

All advantages at a glance

  • Up to five times the charging power of the mains connection thanks to integrated battery storage

  • Compact turnkey container solution

  • Low investment costs (CapEx) and connection fees with attractive return on investment (ROI) (< 3 years)

  • Charging of up to 80% of EV battery capacity within 15 minutes (up to 500 ADC power (CCS))

  • Up to 7% higher efficiency due to direct DC/DC coupling and FREQCON multi-source hybrid inverter technology

  • Meets charging requirements of 100 – 500 e-cars per charging station

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