Fast Charging


Fast Charging Station E-Mobility (FCS)

Electromobility is the key to greater sustainability. The days of combustion engines are numbered and the number of electric cars is steadily increasing.

A successful transport turnaround depends on a well-developed and efficient charging infrastructure. The FREQCON FCS fast charging station is an ultra-fast, compact and powerful charging station in the form of a container solution. It is based on the technology of the FREQCON Multi-Source Converter (MSC) in combination with a battery storage system. We offer the ideal solution with small grid connections for setting up fast charging stations on highways, shopping centers, in urban communities, etc.

Your advantages at a glance

Charging power up to five times higher than the mains connection thanks to an integrated battery storage unit

Compact turnkey container solution

Low capital expenditure (CapEx) and connection fees with attractive return on investment (ROI) (< 3 years)

Charge up to 80% battery capacity within 15 minutes (up to 500ADC output (CCS))

Up to 7% higher efficiency due to direct DC/DC coupling and FREQCON multi-source hybrid inverter technology

Charging requirements of 100 – 500 e-cars per charging station are met

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