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Battery storage systems FREQCON BESS PRO

Battery storage systems are in many ways an important tool for efficient cost management and reliable energy supply in commercial and industrial enterprises. Energy costs can be saved and revenues generated at the same time. In this way, storage systems offer flexibility and stability for all processes and at the same time increase economic efficiency in companies.

The BESS PRO combines proven inverter technology with reliable battery storage from high-quality LiFePO4 batteries. While the inverter is designed for a service life of 20 years, we have developed and perfected our own robust battery management system (BMS) and project-specific energy management system (EMS) at our Rethem site in recent years, which guarantees a long battery life.

To combine various advantages of our flexibility, durability and complete turnkey solution for you, Freqcon has developed a new range of the BESS FQ based on proven technologies.

In a 40 feet HC container, a power between 1 MW and 1.5 MW and an installed capacity of 1 MWh to 2 MWh with a C rate between 0.5 C and 1 C can be freely selected and provided.

If the capacity is still not sufficient and a “2-hour system” still needs to be expanded, the 40-foot HC container can be expanded with additional containers between 1.5 MWh and 3 MWh.

This modularity of our BESS PRO allows a modular composition. The resulting simplification enables us to guide you quickly, purposefully and satisfactorily to a solution for your application and to shorten delivery times until the system is erected at the designated installation site.

The BESS PRO is in no way inferior to our other developments. Due to the DC link in our bidirectional MSC hybrid converter, different loads and energy sources can be connected, so that customer-specific wishes and requirements are completely fulfilled despite the modular design. On our website you can see which applications can be fulfilled by our BESS PRO.

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